Spain and the Himalayas is the ninth episode of Laff-A-Lympics.

Premise Edit

The contestants do a bullfight and a Gypsy wagon race in Spain; and a "hang the bell on the Abominable Snowman" contest and a climbing Mount Neverest relay race in the Himalayas.

Events Edit

9a. Spain First event: Pick the Rose from the Bull's Mouth Competing: Cindy Bear (Yogis), Dynomutt (Scoobys), Mumbly (Rottens) Results: Yogis 1st (25), Scoobys 2nd (15), Rottens 3rd (10)

Second event: Gypsy Wagon Race Competing: Hokey Wolf (Yogis), Tinker and Speed Buggy (Scoobys), Dread Baron (Rottens) Results: Yogis (50) and Scoobys (40) tie for 1st, Rottens third (20)

9b. Himalayas First event: Bell the Abominable Snowman (25 bonus points) Competing: Grape Ape (Yogis), Blue Falcon (Scoobys), Daisy Mayhem (Rottens) Results: Scoobys (65) and Rottens (45) tie for 1st--Rottens 25 point bonus is nullified for bad sportsmanship, Yogis 2nd (65)

2nd event: Race to the top of Mt. Everest Competing: Boo Boo Bear, Wally Gator and Yogi Bear (Yogis), Dee Dee Skyes, Taffy Dare and Captain Caveman (Scoobys), Dalton Brothers (Rottens) Results: Scoobys 1st, Yogis 2nd, Rottens 3rd Final scores: Scoobys 90, Yogis 80, Rottens 55

Voices Edit